Farm house

On a sunny day it is wonderful to enjoy free time at the Signorini farm, and relax in the shade of the trees in the garden by the pool.

The price of the dinner or lunch that you decide to eat at our restaurant includes the entrance to the pool and with a small surcharge will be provided: bath towel, use of the changing room with shower and various other services/comforts such as: drinks, sandwiches, fruit. Booking is mandatory.

We are entitled to an Etruscan dinner.

The evening will be made special by a refined Etruscan dinner, built ad hoc with carefully selected products and artfully studied preservation techniques to offer a true sensory experience back in time.

An experience with attention to detail to delight the palate and mind, which will lead to the discovery of the ancient Etruscans and which will be the prelude to future, exciting partnerships in our area.